First 10k


I'd reckoned on the gremlins being mental but no dammit they were properly physical. Developed my first ever blister (well, whilst running anyway) in a weird sole / side of my foot place. And at 8.5k a ninja hip pain hit me. Stuff that.

I stumbled on in the kind of desperate way that cries out 'dude you really need to stop'. Took a sneaky look at run keeper during a late 'walk break' that was threatening to become - well, just a walk really. 9.62k. I actually gritted my teeth and let out a sort of 'Nnnnnnnnngg' sound (luckily I'd left the kiddies play area or reckon a few anxious parents would've huddled their kids close). Bam. 10.08k. Oh yes!

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  • Congratulations! It's a really big deal, both psychologically and physically so you should be very very pleased with yourself. I recently did only my second 10k (the first one was absolutely exhilarating but I was walking like John Wayne the rest of the day!!)

  • Thank you! I also loved your 10k Richmond run - well done :) Thank you for your Richmond Park suggestion a couple of weeks ago too. I confess, I did a lovely run along the river, but the night before my scheduled Richmond Park morning run I went to a charming little cinema and watched The Lunchbox. Then on to an unscheduled and massive (also delicious) late-night Indian meal. Nuff said.

  • Brilliant- shoved those mental gremlins off! Well done, hope your blister heals soon. x

  • Thank you! Super-duper blister plaster thingy seems to be doing the job :)

  • KittyKat it WAS gritty. That's not something I normally do so am doubly delighted! Thanks.

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Thank you! I think you might be a newcomer to the forum, so good luck with the programme - it works, Laura knows her stuff!

  • thats brilliant, especially that you kept going despite the pain and the niggles. well done!

  • Thank you h. Although reading of a few others' injuries I feel a bit stupid. Luckily, though I seem fully mended now :)

  • Well done PS. Bonkers but somehow impressive. I would have stopped once the hip started acting up. Hope you recover quickly.

  • Ta ChrisL. Yep you've got a point there. Lesson learnt but luckily I am ok now :)

  • Got to be pleased with that :-)

    Well done

    Hope the blister clears up soon

  • I certainly am! Thanks Nerdio. PS is that Mr Benn? It totally is!

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