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Week 9 run 1 done - I'm rockin'

I think the adrenalin is pumping. The excitement of graduation is making me sprout wings!

When Laura told me I'd got just 5 minutes left to run of the 30 minutes, I couldn't believe it. I could have run for another 30 minutes (ok, that's perhaps a tad of an exaggeration)

I still find that first 5 minutes of the run difficult and my legs feel like lead. I'm learning to mentally block that bit out. I've started going through the alphabet naming animals, towns, food, anything to take my mind off it, then, once "in the groove" I'm away, my legs just go.

I must say, the music in week 9 is great and it really disco'd me along.

2 more runs to go!!!

I'm bouncing off the walls ...... :-)

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Great stuff. I'm right behind you - just putting my running shoes on for week 8 run 3.


How did it go Azores?


Well done. I am not long past that stage myself and it's a great feeling. The first five minutes is strangely difficult but you have found a way past that that suits you so that helps. Enjoy your last two runs and I will look out for that graduation post. Nearly there!


Thanks Mossy. Well done on YOUR graduation. You must be over the moon.


Now then Roop. I know the adrenaline is coursing through your veins right now but please be careful at this vital stage. Just go steady. You need some Zen-like calm now to complete just two more runs. You need to finish this sucker so TAKE CARE.

Many of us have gone at it like a bull at a gate and then lived with the consequences. Don't let it be you. I get very nervous for people at this stage. Can you tell? LOL


Ha ha - yes, yes, I'll be careful :-) I'm naturally a rather enthusiastic and excitable sort, but also very risk averse and at this late stage, with no injuries (tempting fate here) I wouldn't want to jeopardise anything. Ive even started organising my social life around the runs so I don't go out the night before!


Hi, I have to agree with Miss W - it is vital to take extra care now. I've even put off trying out new socks or Pilates moves and just concentrating on my running now. Well done on getting started with W9 only two more to that lovely new badge. Good luck and best wishes.


lol - ref trying on new socks.

I've got my Captain Sensible hat on, fear not.



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