Couch to 5K

5k done 10k done... Now what?

feeling a bit lost having completed my first 10k run on Monday with some major hills I might add! The joys of running in Cornwall when not at uni. I never would have dreampt of tackling them a few months ago, now I feel like I can take on anything! Am seriously considering entering the Eden project half marathon in October and think this is goin to be my next challenge. Am gonna do another 10k run this week and parkrun sat I think plus have dug my bicycle out so its all happening. What sort f training plans do people follow for half marathons tho? I need to keep some structure else its not gonna end well......

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I'm following a BUPA intermediate plan for a 10 mile race I entered. It's free to download. It's only a paper plan but I run it with the help of Laura C25k+ and Sami Murphy podcasts. It's a 12 week plan

Good luck with your running


Easy! 15k, 20k 25k . One long run a week increasing your distance interspersed with the podcasts C25k at least twice a week. It's my plan and I am sticking to it! Good luck :)


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