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Park Run?

I've still not manage to get off the treadmill yet, but I'm doing 5k+ podcasts and gradually improving - now actually doing 5k although it takes 40mins including the warm up and warm down.

Keep talking myself out of hitting the pavement as I'm worried the impact will be too much on an old back injury, but I'm determined to at least try sometime soon.

Anyway, I'm considering trying a Park run once I've tried running outside and it may seem like a daft question but what happens with regards the warm-up - do you do it before the run or during - don't want to end up looking a right plonker if everyone sets of running apart from me !!

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Oh, good question! I was wondering exactly the same thing last night.


No problems -- just include the warm up and cool down 5 minute segments into your Parkrun :) Many people walk the Parkrun 5K's all the way -- so simply start with them at the back of the pack and when Laura tells you it's time to run -- just say good-bye to the walkers !! :) Watch their amazed faces when you take off ! :)

Don't be afraid of running outside. Yes -- it IS much harder than running on a treadmill -- but just take it easy and listen to your body!!! Don't listen to your mind -- you know, that thing that keeps telling you that maybe somebody is watching you and laughing at you - or stupid things like that. Just listen to what your body is telling you

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From my observation at Parkrun - and my own experience of what I actually now do -- most people don't warmup up sufficiently before their Parkrun. You see people doing all kinds of stretches , etc -- but nobody doing much running/walking pre-start. I am guilty of this -- but in my defence, I also usually start out slowly for the first K and build up speed from there -- basically what I did durng C25K - I never did find the 5 minutes walking to be sufficient warmup anyway. I think a good warmup is 5 minutes walking , followed by another 5 minutes of walking/jogging ( say around 15 seconds per minute of jogging) -- but this is a bit hard to do at Parkrun.


I've only done one park run, but cycled to the start, which helped my warm up. People were stretching and walking around, and immediately people talked to me and I felt really welcomed. I found the back marker person and chatted to them, so I knew I would not be on my own at the back! It was really so friendly and I am definitely doing another one soon. I wouldn't worry as long as you have done 5 mins walking before you get there, as its nice to talk to people as well. Have a great run and enjoy!


I have only done two Parkruns. On my first most people didn't warm up first. A few just walked around a bit and stretched. On the second we had a running trainer come along and do a quick warm up session which was really good. I was a bit nervous about doing a Parkrun but decided that once I got to 5k in under 40mins by whatever means, that I would go for it. I just took it very slowly at the start and sped up a bit as I went along. There were quite a few people walking around anyway. If you check the results page of your Parkrun you will see what times people do it in if that's any help for you. I say as long as your back is ok with running outside on different surfaces just go and enjoy it, its great fun x


Don't forget folks doing Parkruns, you can run as a member of this club. NHS Couch 2 5 k club, and that way you get your results on this very forum. How good is that. Also being a C25k club runner you get a club member's discount when you enter races. I just entered one and got £2 knocked off. Also it's good publicity for the programme


OK please excuse my question but having just signed up for a 10k run in June this year I could have saved myself some money by saying I am running for the couch 25k club? Also where are the poark run results in this forum? Oh ive got so much to learn lol :)


You can set off walking if you want, but from my "vast" experience (of one parkrun), I'd suggest you get there early enough to walk round a bit to warm up. You don't want to wander too far from the start, but several of people walked up and down an open area of the one I went to, and some jogged up and down a bit too.

Don't worry about what other people think of you. Be proud of the fact that you're out there running and enjoy it!


I saved £2 on a race I just entered SteveCM as a C25ker, cos we are a club when all said and done and recognised as such. The club is quite famous but modest I think

The Parkrun results for C25kers get posted regularly. I don't know where they are without searching . Not got time at the mo as got to get me fish on!


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