Think you can't do this? Dreading your first 5 minute run? 10 minute? How about that first 20?

Well, you can! How do I know? As someone who took more than a few weeks to even get to a basic level of fitness before I could even start week 1, I have just come back from my first 50 minute run AND ENJOYED IT. I only did about 6.3k in that time, but it took in hills and running through town where people could see me.and the best thing was, I wore my heart rate monitor, and even on the hills my pulse didn't go above 170. I am still in awe of the fact that I can run. I wonder if that feeling will ever leave me.

But if I can do this, almost anybody can. Oh, and I've signed up for my first 10k at the end of June.

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  • I'm still on week 7, but I love your comments about ENJOYING IT and that feeling of being in awe that you can run! I've just got to that stage, but not really ready yet for people to see me running! :). That's why I started in the winter - so I could run under cover of darkness! But I have been getting a bit bolder, and can even smile at people I pass by.

  • I still don't like people seeing me, but have got to the stage when I think that they are seeing me do something positive. Well done for week 7. Are you looking forward to running in the summer now? I think I am, as last summer I was doing mostly walking

  • Well done helc this is fantastic.Good luck for the 10k.

  • Thank you. I finally feel as if it is achievable

  • Inspiring! I am so chuffed I did week 4 run 1! Can't beat the feeling you get :-) well done!

  • It's great isn't it. Congratulations on week 4. The achievement you feel as you complete each week is lovely

  • That's wonderful helcl. Well done. There's nothing "only" about 6.3k. Don't forget how far you've come!

  • Thank you. I still am amazed at all this running lark. I think last night has to have been my best run yet.

  • I completely get where you are com8ng from!!!! Thank you for sharing and well done for being fabulous !!!

  • Aww shuck, thank you. How are you doing now?

  • Great post :) and well done. Good luck with your training for the 10k

  • Thank you. I feel I can do it now!

  • thank you :)

  • Well done - great news. Good luck with the 10K and best wishes.

  • thank you :)

  • Wow, that's great! well done and good luck with your 10k x

  • Thank you :)

  • That's fantastic news! What an achievement. I am on week 8 r 3 now so running 28 mins so your post is inspiring as I have also signed up for a 10k in August! Gulp! Good luck with your training and I look forward to reading your training posts xx

  • Thank you - I think signing up for a 10k does give a bit extra boost for training. good luck with yours.

  • I like that comment "only" 6.3k !! I don't know if its the 6.3k or the 50minutes....not sure which I love the idea of the most.

    Keep up the good work hecl !!

    I myself have only done the 30 minutes once. Sadly this week I'm home with my family due to bereavement.Back to it next week.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about the bereavement. Its a tough time. Hope you can get back into the running very soon x

  • Please accept my condolences at this sad time. Come next week the runs may just help you clear your head a bit and give you a little peace and 'me' time. Best wishes.

  • AMAZING achievement - well done helcl - keep it up :-D :-) xx

  • thank you :) Love the name!

  • Well done - 50 minutes and enjoying it and hills too; I'm well impressed; I don't think I will ever get to enjoy hills and good luck with the 10k -

  • thanks, the hills are a bit of a killer, but I do like the downhill bits

  • Thank uou very much, it seems attainable now.

  • Thank you for this really inspirational post. It should be included in a publicity poster for cto5k. I am due to start my graduation week on Saturday and am feeling quite evangelical about the whole thing. I would never have believed that I could achieve what I have done so far. There should be more posters around in gp surgeries and health clubs to spread the word. Well done.

  • The programme is fabulous isnt it. Congratulations for getting this far. Enjoy your graduation :)

  • Sadly, despite my trying to promote this programme at my GP surgery they still have not taken any notice of it. Generally, we have to take responsibility for it ourselves because GP's are usually not interested in supporting patients in this way. Too easy to push a button and up pops a prescription!

  • I might try mine and see if they will do something. They seem to be fairly forward think thinking and I know one of the doctors there is a runner as he was the one I got when I went with my first injury

  • Good luck and hope you have more success than I did - medical establishments really should promote these things but it's a bit like "Why do hospitals have vending machines containing crisps, sweets and sugary drinks but no water?" Crazy!

  • We have triathalete Docs at our surgery, I think there are three of them that partake. I too will suggest the poster thing. The only things on the wall there are cancer posters, generally negative things- which, yes I get that that's what they are about but giving back something positive would be good.

  • well done and thanks (from someone who is just starting week 4 thats nice to know!) - still dont believe it though!

  • You will get there - just keep at it. And it's great when you do get there, because you can decide then if you want to carry on doing 5km runs regularly or push further. I seem to have got a bit addicted to entering races now! Are you on Facebook as there is a great support group on there - c25kers on Facebook.

  • No, havent joined the facebook group... this one good enough for me for now

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