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pressure blister (I think) on ball of foot - wait for it to go away, or ignore ?

Yesterday afternoon, we went out for a post Easter-lunch stroll by the river with friends. I wore sensible shoes, and we only walked for an hour and a half, but I must have had a wrinkle in my sock or something, because by time we got home I had a blister on the ball of my right foot. Decided to be cautious and not run today (left ankle also feels a bit "crunchy" after a long run on Saturday). Any experience out there - if my ankle feels OK can I have a short run tomorrow - or is it best to let the blister clear first ?

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I don't often get blisters but when I do I wash then pat dry and then dab surgical spirit on affected area, this hardens the skin and also kills any germs. You could cover with Compeed. Its recommended for damaged skin/blisters. Should stay in place for several days even in the shower. Just pat dry after a shower and leave on as long as possible. Hope this helps.


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