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Missed run

Today should have been a run day. Having got through to week 8 I'm annoyed with myself that it wasn't

I could come out with the excuse that it was raining, but that won't cut it as I've run in the rain already,

I could say that the onset of a head cold meant that I didn't feel up to it, but I dare say I'd have muddled through.

I could say any number of things but it won't change the missed run.

The reality was that it was a combination of factors including the two above that I allowed to get in the way and now I'm annoyed with myself.

Run 3 of the week is supposed to be Sunday, so the question is do I try to sneak one in tomorrow and then I'm back on schedule or allow my schedule to self to slip a few days.

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It happens!!!

Good that you are annoyed with yourself so you won't let it happen again!!

I'd go tomorrow, then again Monday and let the schedule slip by a day.

Doing two days in a row might end up being counter-productive if you struggle

Good luck


Don't sweat it. Takes more than one or two missed runs to ruin the good work.

Pick it up when head cold better


We all find an excuse not to go running occassionally, don't worry just carry on with your next run. It will take more than one missed run to undo all the good work you have done


Hi - I'd say let the schedule slip a few days. What are a couple of days when you've been building up to this for a couple of months? I've discovered through experience (and the dreaded week 8 curse that has hit so many of us in the past week or so) that you really do need the rest days between runs, especially the longer runs. If you don't take the rest day and then mess up the run you'll be further behind and not happy as well!

Well done on getting this far and look forward to hearing about your graduation run soon :-)


Thanks for all the advice and support all.

The sun was out this morning so one excuse was gone, and although I still felt very woolly headed, I decided to go out for the run. With hindsight, I'm not entirely sure it was a good idea. I managed 20 mins running before deciding I'd had enough and walking for a couple of minutes, finishing with another five minutes running. So not a complete success. I think I'll wait and see how the next one goes in a couple of days before deciding if I need to repeat Wk8.

I'm not down hearted, I had to delay a few runs early on with shin splints, but I've made it to week 8 and generally feel much fitter (although not today!) Graduation will come soon..


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