Couch to 5K

Week 3 Run 1 complete!

Very pleased to be starting my week 3 runs today- how is that possible?! I am not known for my willpower when it comes to exercise, but I have genuinely found a sport that I love! The first 3 minute run was a bit brutal, but I took it nice and steadily and made sure that I ran the whole way. The 90 second run was a nice refreshing run and my leg muscles finally decided to cooperate, meaning that the final 3 minute run was great! I ran at a pretty reasonable pace and was actually smiling, quite disappointed when Laura said it was time to stop, definitely felt a lot shorter than weeks 1 or 2! Looking forward to Tuesday and my next run :D

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Great to hear you are enjoying your running xxx


Well done to be getting into it. Things do feel a bit easier in some ways as you progress but there is always a challenge to counter it. Good luck with the rest of the week. Best wishes.


Well done you am glad you got through it OK!!! Will try my 2nd run Tuesday and see how I go!! Like you I find it amazing that I am at week 3 and although I found the first run difficult am looking forward to run 2 tomorrow!!!

Let you know how I get on!!

Thanks so much for your support

Best regards

Josie Jo ✳


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