Couch to 5K

Week 2, run one

How those elite men run 26 miles in just over two hours I'll never know!

My 6 stints of 90 second were hard work this evening. I started off running into a head wind, convinced that would make it easier for the return loop home, but somehow I was still running into a headwind on the way back too! Initially I thought that the 2 minutes walk was too long, I felt ready to go in half that, but was glad of the 120 seconds of respite in the second half.

Roll on Tuesday for run #2

2 Replies

yes they are pretty amazing! good luck for the rest of week 2!!!! :)


I get the ZOOM effect - that made me laugh out loud - it leaves you feeling half embarassed and half inspired - well it does me any way - I just hope one day I manage even twenty seconds of it looking effortless :)


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