Week 2 is complete! Can't wait to start Week 3 on Saturday! :D

Completed Week 2 Run 3 this evening :) Just goes to show how great this programme is at building up stamina and speed- I've gone from shuffling around my local park 10 days ago to actually running at quite a brisk pace for my running today- and I'm amazed! I can't wait to move up to Week 3- There was a time when I thought Week 1 might even be beyond my capabilities, but here I am moving onto Week 3! Bring it on!!

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  • That sounds exactly how I felt when I started couch to 5k . I'm week 4 day 3 and am so shocked that I can run never run before in my life but here we go so loving it

  • Well done you! It is an amazing programme, and it sounds like you are getting the running bug. Keep it up and let us all know how it goes. x

  • sounds great. I've just finished week one, which hasn't been a breeze, so I hope in a weeks time to be feeling like you!!

  • Brilliant!! Keep at it! Every week you feel the benefits of your achievements both physically and mentally. Good luck and happy running! :)

  • Well done on completing the second week. As you are no doubt finding - the weeks do start to fly by once you get going. Good luck with W3 and best wishes.

  • Clever aint it? This program. It kinda sneaks up on you and before you know it....you're in love with running! Well done.

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