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Burn baby burn

Just realised I have run 4 out out of the last 5 days... ( 40k). But p***** off because my husband just pointed out that he's cycled 60 miles in the last 3 days.... Which made me feel crap.

Frankly I'm totally knackered!! I realised that today when I was in a meeting at the hospital and I could feel my eyes going....I had to jiggle, rub myself and force my eyes open just to stay awake. I need one of those electric shock pens!!! I'm usually very with it and focused but not today at all.

To make matters worse ive been reading about Mo Farrah's training.. 126 miles in a week... Oh f*** that's hardcore !!!

So tonight I've cooked my masala Dahl with rhoti bread in the hope it will revive the panther...

Love you all

Juicy Ju


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Are you not tapering now for Sunday?


Not doing the marathon.. Sadly ;(


Oh no :( I thought you was doing it!


I'm signed up for a marathon in Eden in October... I'm v excited as its small ( I can't do large events!!)


Oh good luck with it :) I'm the same with big events get very flustered by lots of runners whiz zing past me so I have avoided the VLM ballot. I have just entered next years Brighton marathon it's my first one and I'm nervous already.


Enjoy a restful evening - you have done a lot of running in the past few days. I'm not going to advise here because I am far from qualified to do so. Just enjoy your panthering again when you feel ready. Good luck and best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo... Good advice!


Yes but I bet if *you* cycled you'd knock that 60 miles into last week! Mmm masala dahl, you've made me feel very hungry. x


I'm crap at cycling and I don't enjoy it!!!


Hi Juicyju

My boyfriend's a cyclist and and can happily do a 40 mile ride in a morning but when he came to Parkrun for the 1st time he was EXHAUSTED! Did it with only 2 training sessions & beat my time by 10 mins but he now appreciates that to run any distance isn't that easy! Did Parkrun without him on Saturday(as hes gone abroad for work) so now i'm one ahead of him!! Sure your husband is just winding you up!!!! give him a thump, that what i do!! 40k is amazing, you should be really happy with that! :)

Hope you've enjoyed a lovely tea and get to rest and recuperate! That panther just needs a little rest and then she'll be off again! :)


Thank you so much. And he's never shown any interest in running, he is obsessed

about cycling and the hard gets?!!! Yes the tea has helped thank you ;)



Take it easy Juju, don't push too hard, this panthering is hard core too or did no one tell you that :)


So true!!! Thanks Oldgirl!!


pushing too hard j one step at a time your body will not be recovering look what happened to me you just pushing to your limits you need to recharge have a rest and then attack again otherwise you will get injured and then you really would be p off biking is easy get mr j out for a run a nice half m should do the job curry sounds good


Well said!! Mr J won't run, prefers his bike!! Curry was restorative I'm really into moong Dahl... Thank you!!


one should hide the bike


As usual the panther is reflecting on her massive achievements only to think that they are somehow now good enough, so I'm going to put some facts straight here.

1. There is only 1 day in the last 5 when you haven't run. And on 2 of those days you ran twice.

2. Cycling is classed as low impact and bikes have gears to MAKE IT EASY to ride, running is high impact and the only gear you have are brooks and commando capri's, there is no comparison.

3. You have also worked full time, run the house, had to sleep, eat sort kids for nerf wars and you still run 40k!. Running is Mo Farrah's job, nothing else.

4. The most important time for any training schedule is the rest days and your not taking them, which means your body is facing a new level of punishment and being tired is your body's way of telling you something, listen to your body.

So come on panther, enjoy your feast, recharge your batteries and your mind.

We all love you on here (well I certainly do) and your c25k journey though the last year has been massive.

Happy running


Thank you so so much that's really helped put things in perspective... Lovely words that make the panther purr. I think this Panther just needs a bit of looking after, so a swim today for 5x 50 and week 2 for the juniors!


I'll second that.


"Juicy, Juicy, wake up!!!" Oh no, looks like she's nodded off.


Firstly I am doing both disciplines. Last week I cycled 12 km got off, sore in places I won't mention (padded shorts bought) but feeling bouncy afterwards. I am new to the sport but I can more than triple my run with no after effects. So running in my eyes is definitely harder. And I can prove it. Look at all the triathlon distances. The bike is always 3x the run. So here is the mathematics 40km = 24.85. Miles 60 miles divided by 3 =20. So in Exercise terms you did 4 84 miles more than him. So there feel better.

On a different note. I have found I have to be very strict with myself. I have had to make a rule that only 5 days a week training. I walk on my days off but my body can't cope with anymore. If I push past that I bugger my immune system and like you I don't have time to be ill so it's a good trade off.

Happy panthering.


Okay I promise to stop after this one.

I Fredo Frog. = 95kcal

1 hour cycling = 294. 3.09 Freddo Frogs

1 hour running = 588. 6.18 Freddo Frogs

All calculations based on me but the percentage of difference will be the same.

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Love your way of calculating! That's a whole lot of frogs!


I think you're hardcore Juju. 4 out of 5 days is WELL HARDCORE INNIT? Take it easy, oh purring Panther, for to push too hard may end up in a sodding injury. As for Mo Farah - he's suuuuuccccchhhhh a lightweight! Hahahaha!


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