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First 30 min run done! I can't believe it!!! Yippee!!!

I did it! First 30 min run done at 8.44am today! Ran 4.19k - first time I have measured my distance as didn't want to get disillusioned. I think I set off too fast as I was really tired at the end until I heard the magical words "last 60 seconds!" I need help - I am running a 3k on 17th May and want to speed up for that distance - how do I go about doing that? - after I have completed the Plan of course! Thanks!

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I can't give advice about the speeding up, but well done you for the 30 minutes. Wow, you must be very proud! You should be. Congrats!!


Ah bless! Thanks Tomas!- I now have to grit my teeth and do the last 2 runs - I will post then! x


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