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30 min run done!!!!

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Cannot believe I ran for 30 mins non stop. I literally could not even run for 90 seconds in the first few weeks and I remember when upping up from 3 mins to 5 mins seems impossible!! Today I just ran for 30 mins non stop. In that time I did 4K, which to me is a massive achievement! My next challenge is to run 35 mins, and then 40 mins. By then I will hopefully do 5k and then work on improving my pace! So chuffed

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Congratulations! It’s great to hear these stories of inspiration to people like me. I’ve just completed W3R2 and have really struggled with 3 mins so this gives me a lot of hope!

Thank you so much! Just to put it into perspective, if I can do it, you deffo can! I’m 4 stone over weight, office job (usually - pre COVID) so never really excerised!! Stick with it I still can’t believe it worked / this is me!!

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A total inspiration x

Oh thanks for that. That’s me 3stone to much to carry round. But I’m giving it a go. Week 4 and beginning to live it. The sense of achievement is immense.

Absolutely bloody brilliant!!! Well done!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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Great news keep on running. X

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Well done!!!!!👍

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Inspirational! Well done!

Brilliant! This programme really works and you are living proof :)

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Well done, that's awesome, such an achievement which you are now feeling👍🤩That run is ebbing close for me which is a bit scary but so as other people have said you're living proof it can and will be done 👍🥂

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