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Week 6 run 2 just finished can't believe all the nxt runs are 20/30 mins long

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Yeah managed this w6 R2 not bad think I did enjoy it really the 3min breather was so welcome. OMG can't really believe that all the next runs are going to be without a breather in between eek . I've so loved this couch to 5k from not ever running in my entire 63 year life to getting to nearly the end of w6 I've amazed myself . Feeling worried

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Don't be worried and do what Laura tells you. Take it at a nice slow pace as you have laid all the ground work and you are ready. Enjoy

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Thank you Laurae very kind off you thanks for the encouragement I feel lot more confident

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Same here kattypats, 67 and never ever run in my life, not even when my house burnt down in the 90 !!! So pleased with me, I attempt W4 r2 in the am and cant wait. Good luck on your journey

Oh that's me I would've been able to run either but am so enjoying this 5k. Had a couple of my granddaughters start with me but they've fell by he wayside lol Also good luck to you on your journey.

Well done on the second run of W6. There is no need to worry about the 25 minute run - you've already done the preparatory work and trained up to it. Keep it very slow (or even slower!) and very steady - this will take you through it. Try to keep your focus on the horizon and avoid looking down at the ground. If you start to feel you need a recovery period then simply slow down the jog as much as possible - you'll be fine. Good luck with your next run and best wishes. Your dog is gorgeous by the way - really cheeky face.

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Oh thank you so much for the encouragement it's very welcome

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Babs the. dog (not mine) is really so sweet she's a maltipoo

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Just take it slow and steady and you will amaze yourself. Good luck.

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Arh thank you for your encouragement

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I remember being equally worried when I realised this too. But, as others have said, you have done all the preparation and I am sure you will surprise yourself. Good luck!

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Many thanks for your words of encourage

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Do not worry! :) You've come this far OK and you'll get through the longer runs no problem You are going to feel so chuffed with yourself when you do too! Just be sure to keep it all slow and steady at the start and you will be absolutely fine. You will amaze yourself even more!

So pleased you are enjoying yourself - that's what it's all about: HAVE FUN and


Yes I'm going to do this run I know I am just got to keep focused . Thank you for your words. I know I'm going to feel chuffed (good feeling )did when I did last run wk 5.

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