Couch to 5K

Argh! W9r1 goes well then...injury!!!

So frustrated! I did my first run of wk9 on Thursday, very excited to be almost graduating. Had a good run and did the 30 mins without too much trouble. Next day comes and my lower back/hip/leg are hurting! Tingly, sharp pains on and off particularly when turning suddenly etc. So annoyed as didn't feel I could run on Saturday! Still hurting today and I am supposed to be running again on Tuesday! Trying to stretch it out a bit and I am sure it will get better soon but I am so frustrated I have been delayed at the last hurdle. Sorry, rant over, feeling calmer now!

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Hi Amberduck! So frustrating for you but you aren't alone - I graduated on Wednesday, went out yesterday and was feeling great, then my outer ankle started hurting. Did 25 minutes then had to stop and can now not bear weight!! I am RICE-ing but know I won't be running for at least a week and am so disappointed. Hang on in there and don't lose faith! The tingly feeling in back, hips, legs etc sounds a bit like sciatica?? If so, walking worked for me when I had that a couple of years ago. Good luck!! Xx


I think it happens to most of us at some point. I got hurt twice during the C25k, the first time only two weeks in. It is hugely disappointing but nothing you can do but rest up with painkillers etc and hope you get better soon. Keep moving though.


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