I love the feeling of freedom

I did the first 2 weeks then had to stop due to knee pain. I had a week and a half break and am back out there cos I fell in love.

I love that all you really need to prepare is put on your trainers and open the door and then you are doing it ( although in reality I take ibuprofen, put knee supports on and mess around with Strava). I love that I'm not weighed down by my usual winter coat and my hefty handbag. I love that I can cook tea and then leave them all to it and my other half will have washed up by the time I am back. I love that I can see spring unfold. When I return I feel virtuous and worthy of a sit down so the laundry pile and suchlike can be ignored. It's brilliant!

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  • I can totally understand how great it is to be able to just get out there, unshackled and virtuous, and doing something that is really great for you. Enjoying a little bit of nature is one of my favorite parts of running. I am so glad that you are loving it that much. You are going to have such a fantastic time of C25K !

  • It is lovely to hear when it clicks and you gain the freedom of which running allows us. I disappear every other day for over an hour and longer now I am increasing my distance. Troubles melt away and everything else can wait. Hope you continue to enjoy your running and good luck throughout the programme :)

  • Great post. I so agree. Running is free, you don't need to drive anywhere, make plans or commitments. Coats and bags make your shoulders ache -ditch them - and feel the air/mud/sun on your skin. Can't quite fathom why it's so different from walking, but it is!

  • Well said. I love it out in the open air just doing my own thing, especially at this time of year - a promise of things to come. Best wishes.

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