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The freedom of nakedness

This morning , for the second time this week, I simply went out without my watch or any form of pace measurement and ran. Actually - I ran to the local Public Library with a small backpack on to pick up a book that I had reserved, sat down for a short while, read the newspaper and then ran home again - about 8K in all. I did take my HRM so that I could keep below 80% of my MaxHR - and repeated what I did the other day -- whenever I reach the max 80% , I up my effort ( mostly up hills) until I get to 90% and then let my HR get back town to 70% before I take off again at an easy pace (generally downhill on the other side)

I found the uphill fartleks to make the run a bit more "interesting" while at the same time I covered another 8K quite easily :) - so far that has been 15K this week in two runs and another 10K coming up in two more including a parkrun which I will do at Tempo pace ( will have to wear my watch for that )

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I love a run with a purpose other than itself! I unintentionally ran naked last week (forgot my phone) and still feel a very slight sense of loss at not having it recorded. Not enough to be bothered to try to map and log it on Runkeeper manually though!


Interested to read this. Due to the heat here this last week I've done 2 runs where I wore my Garmin but made a conscious decision to not look at it once and just judge my pace on what felt comfortable. It was quite liberating. The surprise for me was that my comfortable pace in hot weather was no where near as slow as I'd have guessed :)

Happy running!


Interesting isn't it how our bodies seem to become more capable than we think :-)


Yes it's nice to run naked sometimes. I often leave Laura at home now if I want a gentle pleasurable run. I find when I listen to Laura I'm continually pushing myself to reach milestones earlier as Laura says things. That's fine when you're feeling like a PB, but if you just want to enjoy the run then sometimes it's nicer just to leave Laura at home.

As for mr Garmin, well I always where him, but I rarely look at him until the end of the run.

I use a MIOLink for heartrate, and yes I too like to control my naked runs with him. On a Laura run he flashes red. On a long slow run I keep him flashing green :)


Sounds great, once I graduate c25k I think I'll do that sometimes but first I need to know I can run 5k comfortably.


I just like to run. Just me.

I gave up with the heart monitor. Too much faff as it's separate to my Garmin.


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