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Shoulder pain after w3r1

I feel like I'm falling apart! I have enjoyed running so far (although it's been v hard), but I think being overweight and doing no exercise before hand is starting to affect my body!

In week 2 I would get a lot of pain in my left knee after running and on my rest day, but it seemed to be ok after a rest (but flare up again once I was running).

I completed week 3, run 1, which I found difficult - but that may be due to me running uphill on the cliffs. I was due to run yesterday evening as usual but during the day I lifted my baby in his car seat into the car and I did something to my shoulder. I've never had back pain before but it stiffened and felt a bit like whip lash. I can't lift my arm over my head and it feels so stiff. I decided not to run yesterday and have another rest day, but it has hurt even more overnight.

It hurts less if I move but still is painful. Can I still run with this pain or am I best leaving it until it's better? I'm absolutely gutted as have enjoyed this programme so far!

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It can be okay to go out running if you have some mild soreness, but if you are in a lot of pain, as you said you were, it may not be a great idea. Are you stretching after each run? And are you stretching now that you are hurt?

If not, I can't tell you what a difference that will make. Also, cold compress on inflamed areas after cooldown and stretch, like your knees.

If you have serious range of motion problems, like not being able to lift your arms properly, or do your normal tasks, then I wouldn't go running until that is better. You use your back a lot when running, and even your arms, and you wouldn't try to run if you could barely lift your leg, right?

Instead, why not keep yourself in the game by trying low impact activities until you can move properly again? Maybe walk your route, and keep yourself pumped about running again soon. Or go for a gentle swim?

Don't worry. C25K will still be here when you feel a bit better. The main thing is to accept a short delay, and not give up altogether. It should only be a few days probably.


I fell on the stairs 2 years ago and ended up with this type of pain. I had damaged my rotary cuff. Try Googling shoulder pain and you will find several exercise posts and explanations of the anatomy of your shoulder. They will be helpful to you.

I agree with Alaiyo and I also recommend a visit to the GP. He may give you steroid injections into the joint.


Definitely not a good time to run - you may do further injury to yourself. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to your GP to get this checked out. Hope you recover soon. Best wishes.


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