Pain and motivation?

I have pain when running and afterwards for a good hour. First it was just one leg. Now both. It is in the inside of my leg down the bottom half of my's pretty sore to run on and totally killed today's run which was my W3 day 1 run. I'm really bumed out about it, this is the first run I've not really enjoyed. I really struggled, even at the short distances...and the 3 min run I did finish but it killed me. I have run longer distances than that before though. So two questions please you know what the pain might be that I'm getting...and do you ever have days you find really unexpectedly hard?


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5 Replies

  • Sounds like a tough day :( and yes we all get them so don't lose heart. As for pain, I don't think you should run if it's painful - there's a difference between achey niggles and pain, you could injur yourself. Do you stretch out after a run? Hot bath? Apply anti-inflam gel or something similar, Im currently led on the bed with frozen peas on my leg - that works!!! Rest until the pain has gone.

  • I use tiger works wonderfully well, better than the freeze gel etc I've tried. The thing is I don't think it can be antsy thing too serious because the pain/ache is usually ok with rest...I think I just wasn't feeling well today. I'm on a lot of medication, pain medication that I will be on for life and I was late taking my afternoon tablets today so I think it might be down to that a little as well. I'm away to take the dog out for a walk in a min, will see how everything feels then. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, it's very appreciated x

  • These stretches may help and are definitely recomended to do after every run. It sounds a bit like achilles tendon inflammation, so heel drops may help.

  • I will look into them, thank you! X

  • Hi there, I got bad shin splints at first too, but found having a couple of rest days in be tween helped, also did some yoga and stretching exercises on my rest days. I am still getting twinges, but have decided not to push it if my legs hurt - its better not to be too hard on your muscles at first.

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