Couch to 5K

Is feeling really sad this week :(

Well I was all set to start week 4 this week but I have developed a cold and have been quite chesty so breathing is an issue so am having to give it a miss :( I am really annoyed as I find it hard to stick to things but was doing so with this and I was enjoying it despite finding it hard at times.

Im not going to push it this week though as I don't want to make myself worse, I think I might repeat week 3 again next week to build up to 4 again. Is that the best thing to do? or should I just go for it with week 4 next week after being ill. Any advice welcome, thank you Clare

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Yep, don't leave it too long before running again. I've had a horrible cold, sinus and ear ache but I kept trying after a few days but just took it steady. I took plenty of hankies. The snotty nose can takes weeks to clear up so I just kept getting out there. You don't want to seize up.


I agree with miss wobble. Blowing your nose while running is an art. Also rest and go easy on Your first run. I would even think about doing a test run. That can do three things 1) see if your really ready for it. 2) takes the pressure off for the first run back. 3) get you to feel that old buzz again. Maybe just do walk 1 mi. run 1 min for a while to see how you feel. It's always important that your first run after injury or illness is a positive one.


Thanks both of you, I normally do my runs, mon, wed and friday. I'm dosing myself up today so might try for a run in the morning. I'm also in training for the moonwalk in may which is my main focus at the moment so trying not to over do it which then stops me doing that. I will take it easy and listen to my body. Thanks x


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