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Climbing on rest days?

Helllooo everyone!

I'm just about to start week 4 of the programme, and have been taking it pretty slowly - I repeated the last runs of week 2 and week 3 before moving on. But I've also started indoor rock climbing twice a week, and it tends to be on my 'rest' days from running because that's the only way I can fit both in. So far I haven't had any problems, but I don't want to get injured and end up doing nothing! Would you think climbing on rest days would be okay?

Thanks :)

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I'm hoping it will be okay. I did start climbing before I started running, but had to stop for a while, as I didn't have time to do both, (one of the reasons I started running was to get fitter for climbing) but am hoping to be able to get back into it now, and it may be on rest days or running days for me. I shall be watching this post with interest.

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Any cross training on rest days is beneficial, so long as you avoid the impact of running. So swimming, cycling and climbing etc. are all fine as they work the muscles in different ways to running.

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