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How much do you rest on rest days?

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I was fairly active before I started running and I haven't changed my habits. I'm on week 7 now and while I am not struggling to finish the runs, I'm pretty tired by the end of run days (plus working full time, children, elderly mother, the usual things). Anyway, today's rest day included six miles of walking and an hour of yoga. Again, it's bedtime and I'm pretty tired. How much do you rest?

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Are you tired or sore?

I was not couch before this & on my rest days, when I'm not working, I can easily do long walks or cycles. If I were sore, I would slow down my runs, but being tired doesn't bother me.

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Rest day really just means a non running day. It's an excellent idea to be as active as possible doing other things and walking is fine. Sounds like you're pretty fit!

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A rest day just means not running, and doing some other exercise instead, ,eg swim,,cycle, ,walk, gym, etc etc Keep moving by all means ☺

I like you I'm pretty active most of the time. The one thing I find is that being so active helps me sleep so it is great for me, but every now and then my body is just tired and I take a day off from everything and have a complete rest day. I usually know when I need it now and it just seems to help rest everything without too much being taken away.

I'm really quite tired after running today. I slept badly last night, so I'm sure that's part of it. I'll cut back to just a couple of miles walking the dog tomorrow and have a real rest.

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