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Week 2: My treadmill is my new best friend

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Just completed week one and about to start week 2 and feeling excited about it. I did my first two week one runs on the treadmill and the last one outdoors. I enjoyed being outside but I think the treadmill was kinder to my feet and I didn't feel like I had to work as hard. Anyway, I am feeling very pleased that I got through week one :)

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Well done madamepearson.

I too use the treadmill for my runs. It has been suggested elsewhere on the forum that setting the incline to 1 makes it a bit closer to running outside. I guess that's because you get ups and downs outside that you wouldn't see on the treadmill. I did find it a bit harder but definitely worth a try.


Thanks John, I will definitely give that a go :)

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Well done for completing week 1 and good luck for week 2. If you find the treadmill works for you then that's fine. Running outside is nicer but sometimes circumstances dictate what is best at the time. As you seem to be doing a mix of both then all power to you. Best wishes.

Thank you, I enjoy it more outside if I have someone with me so I have encouraged my 8 yr old son to join me, he loves it too :)

Hi, completed my final run of week 2 outside yesterday. I felt tired towards the last run and even though my jogging pace wasn't much quicker than walking at the very end I did it.... :)

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