Couch to 5K

2 days into the couch 2 5k and 3 days into the 12 week fitness plan!

Hi, I have been exercising for over a year now. I am severely overweight and as short as I am wide, with a bmi of 50!! As I am still the same a year on although slightly fitter than what I was but still no where near someone who walks for buses etc I thought I better do something else. Then I came across the 12 week plan. So on top of my usual light exercise which I am continuing I have started this plan. I am 3 days into it and having done 4 of my usual sessions on top of the plan and I feel great, a bit sore in places. Although now I am feeling even more hungry! I hope I don't lose the motivation and determination I have. Although being so obese I went for an mot and the results came back practically perfect, no risk of stroke, heart disease etc etc with a 97% healthy result. I put it all down to my previous healthy lifestyle. Any other tips for me would be great!

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Glad to see you here!


You didn't mention weight loss there Diva. I think healthy eating combined with exercise is the way forward. Doing the C25k programme will help you no end as it seems to motivate everyone to want to run and keep running. It is addictive! I think loads of us here are losing weight on it, although not at first maybe as we eat a bit extra when we shouldn't. Naughty us!

I think feeling hungry when you start this plan is not unusual but things settle down, and you won't need extra food as you are only running for a very short time. Let us know how you get on. Happy running


Welcome to the programme. Exercise and fitness go hand in hand with healthy eating - in that way you will lose weight and get toned as well. Good luck with your journey. Best wisehs.


Good for you for starting this programme. Fitmo is right - running will get you fit but will actually have little effect on your weight unless you do very long runs indeed. A pound of fat = approx 3000 calories = 30 miles of walking or running. In other words to lose 1lb in a week you can either cut out 3000 calories (quite doable) or run/walk 30 miles (much harder). Exercise is good for you but diet is the key to weight loss.

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Hi all, thanks. My diet is good as in meals.........I do turn to chocolate a bit too much, I comfort eat a lot and a stressful life just makes me want more. I never gave it a thought about upping the exercise could make me feel more hungry. It's,day 6 of week 1 today, strength and flex today! However I am going to do my usual aerobics this morning and strength and flex later on. Just hope I stay motivated, the pains in my legas seem to be getting worse but I think it's as I work harder. I had the pain all last year with my aerobics. My daughter has told me to put the tape on them. Anyway hope everyone has a good day and enjoy your exercise whatever you are all doing.


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