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Got a new toy - Garmin Vivofit

I had been waiting for this new gadget to be released and had promised myself one. I love my Garmin Forerunner110 for tracking my runs but it was no good in the gym, So this new gadget has been on my wrist for just short of 24 hours now.

It tracked my sleep pattern last night and some steps but not many. Then this morning its tracked my 3 classes at the gym pairing it with my old Garmin's HRM. Won't know how accurate it is for a while but so far I am really pleased with it, its very light to wear as I usually take all jewellery off at night but didn't even know I had it on. Its waterproof too so you don't need to take it off for a bath/shower.

Some may say its a glorified pedometer but I like it and its a sexy deep purple ;)

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Hi Oldgirl! My goodness you do a huge amount in a day!

55 mins Zumba, 60 minutes Pilates AND 45 mins Stability fit. You are a dynamic lady!

How many days are like this?

Do you find knowing your HR helpful? I just go out and run but I do know it is relevant for weight loss.

I think you are just BRrrilliant! :)

One day I may catch you up!


you are the best Oldgirl...x


Hi Beek, yes knowing my heart rate is good as I have an irregular heart beat so do have to keep an eye on it. I usually put my HRM on for a run and or workout once every 2 months. I get a regular check up with the nurse at the surgery too every 3 months. Having said that my health has improved since doing more exercise, common sense really.

As for exercise I go to the Gym Mon/Wed/Fri & Saturday is Badminton 90 minutes. My gym buddy is trying to get into running so Mon & Fri we do a run/walk up and over the Broad Hill and back, its a short route of 2.3K but the climb adds to the stamina workout. We do Evergreens classes Mon & Fri which is a low impact aerobics class designed for over 60's. Zumba, Pilates & Stability Fit and a Stretch Workshop with about 2 x 60 minutes of gym work done in between Mon & Friday's classes. I try a do 3 x runs on Tue/Thur/Sat but these days they are not very long, 7K has been my longest but usually nearer 5K and not fast. I enjoy a steady walk in the afternoons of my run days with my hubby who will never run, so he says!!! So I'm hoping my new gadget will keep better track of my running and walking and other activities.


That's truly amazing Oldgirl.. What an inspiration. Apart from dog walking and wild swimming in the summer, I haven't done anything other than this programme! And I have watch envy ;)


It sounds as if it will help you get even fitter as it ups the ante apparently so you move more than the day before. Are you using it with garmin connect then old girl?


Yes all the info will just go into my GC but its much easier to upload your activities once you have set it up. It even tracks your sleep pattern - oohhh aahhhhh Mrs! ;)


Wow! You are fabulous - and such an inspiration.

Love your new garmin.


I can only say that you are a role model for many people. I bet there are plenty half your age and nowhere near as fit or energetic. Enjoy. Best wishes.


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