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Starting again


I started C25K about this time last year and quickly fell by the way side. After a wedding and moving house I restarted on Saturday. I am also doing slimming world and have lost a stone to date. I am feeling good because following a wonderfully sunny run on Saturday morning I was faced with a very grey evening last night, but found myslef pulling on my long johns (I ski so I have long johns - its not my normal attire) and base layer and went outside.

It was initially cold but I carried on, after 1.5 miles I was shocked at how hot I was, so next time I don't think I'll layer quite so much.

My thighs ache and my fallen arch is a bit niggly but on the whole the recovery from both runs was ok. I have to confess my head is in a much different place this time and I can see me completing this, I am trusting it more, not doing more than I should.

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Well done on getting back out there. It is cold out there at the minute so make sure you do a brisk warm up walk of at least five minutes before you start running, and then a five minute cool down walk at the end

If your fallen arch is a worry you will need new running shoes perhaps


Thanks. I have just invested in some running shoes and they are much better, so it is just a niggle and it eased quicker last night than it did on Saturday, I made sure I did extra stretches.

Thanks for the advice about warming and cooling. The cooling isn't a problem as I haven't planned my route well and end up with a relatively longer walk than 5 min at the end (nearer 8). My warm up walk needs to be brisker....I keep starting my first run on an uphill bit! lol


Good luck second time round. I'm in the same boat bit have got to week 6 this time. I think we just have to switch off our doubts and listen to Laura! :-)


I think thats exactly it! trust the programme!


Laura's warm up walking pace is actually quite a lot faster than my normal walking pace! If it is very cold, then I do actually walk for longer than 5 mins first. I also try to avoid stopping at a set of lights right at the start of the route!


I'm on my second time around and have got a bit further, so far, than last time. Enjoy the programme. Best wishes.


Thanks, and to you


Ok, I am goign to do run3 tonight. I wanted to do it last night but it was hailing when I got home then we put the tea on. Tonight I am going out then I can start week 2 on Saturday morning, I am finding I want to run (I don't know who has taken over my head).

So my plan is to do week 2 runs on saturday, Monday and Wednesday then have a break for a week whilst away skiing, then come back on Saturday 12th, with a run on the 13th (week 3 Run 1) and move on from there!



I didn't go out last night, it was nasty and cold (I know) but I was working from home today so knew I would have a chance to pick it up. I went at lunch time and completed week 1. I'm going to see how I feel but probably do week 2 run 1 tomorrow evening. I am impressed I have managed to do this!


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