Anyone in the Aberdeen area fancy a 'run for colour' 5K fun run on 16th August up in Inverness?

Just been brought to my attention that there is a fun run in Inverness on 16th August to raise funds for a local Hospice. If you fancy joining us, we hope there will be a few at least here's the link for the information. Sorry don't have a start time yet we are trying to find that out.

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  • Hi old girl, I Ve just registered. Hopefully I will manage five km by then, only halfway there!! Looks like a very good way to start

  • Excellent josielle, where are you based, do you need transport?

  • I'm in Strathclyde so I will just come up overnight I think. Thanks for posting though it will make such a good first event. Have a lot of work to do before then!

  • Haha just a bit far for me to swing round and pick you up. Will have to arrange a meeting point nearer the time. Happy running. :)

  • Excellent! Will see you on forum meantime,

  • Hi. I am w7 r3 tomorrow. This might be good to give me incentive to continue. I am in the shire so not too far. Sounds like fun.

  • The more the merrier mossy1. still tying to find out what time its starting but have heard it will about mid day, will confirm on here when I know for sure.

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