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Wk 9, Run 3 in the bag... now for some fun :D

I went out this morning with two new things, my Garmin Forerunner 15 (which was graduation present to myself) and my husband who thought he'd finally have a go at this running lark!

I had found a new route along a cycle track where we could leave one car at the end and drive the other which was nice as I usually have to do a "there and back" run, and I was able to really enjoy the beautiful views of the lake district that we so often take for granted living here.

I will confess that the minutes between 25-30 were still the hardest and I had to dig deep to keep going. When I go to 30min I was so happy to get to 30 that I decided to push onto 5k, and I made the 5k mark in exactly 35minutes.

Whilst this was slower than I had originally hoped and my pace in the final 10 minutes was slower than in the previous sections, the idea of being able to run for 35mins straight 9 weeks ago would have seemed unachievable so I am more than happy with my accomplishments. I am now happy to call myself a graduate and am really excited about what I can do next without the threat of failing (in my mind) that run if I don't obey the podcast. I already have three other women in my office wanting to go running with me, so I'm definitely spreading the running bug!

I couldn't have got this far without the forum, and the information and advice it contains so thank you to everyone out there for the part you played in my success today.

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No pressure running starts here.......or should I say there.......the Lake, what a running track. Last time I was there, before I started running, I remember seeing a couple out running above Grasmere, and thinking how odd to go out on the fells with so little gear, but now I would love the opportunity to run some ridges with minimal gear.....just enough to cope with a potential twisted ankle, etc.

Two years in, I can tell you that the speed is still evolving, my wife and I having both got new parkrun PBs this morning. So just run regularly, enjoy your running and the speed will come.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Well done !!!! I'm off to do my wk9r3 at 3pm! Check us out!


Congratulations - graduation and 5k all in one go! Now to plan lots of lovely running adventures!


well done on your 1st 5k and a great time too :D like you said if you think back 9 weeks a min was like a lifetime :D just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind and body to it :D


Well done and wow, I'd love to run in the lakes! :)


Well done. It's a great time too!


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