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wow! I'm so happy! i was putting this run off for days and then Sunday come and i decided to get off my bottom and get on and do it! What got me through the run was all your encouraging words. I kept telling myself that i could do it and i kept repeating in my head mind over matter, mind over matter. When i got to ten minutes i was like nooo :( but it got to 15 minutes and i was like yeah i could carry on! And then time was up and i did it. I'm so pleased with myself, now i cannot wait to carry on with the other run. Thank you all for being so nice and encouraging! I feel I could become addicted to running!

thank you!

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Well done!! It's a great feeling isn't it? Be proud of yourself, as week 5 run 3 feels like a big step up from previous runs. Good luck with the rest of the programme :)

Word of advice - I went into week 6 over confident after w5r3, so try not to go too fast when you start intervals again :) I'm sure you'll be fine, but I wish someone had pointed this out to me at the time!

Happy running :)


Well done you two. Just keep doing the runs according to the programme, listening to Laura and you'll be Graduates before you know it. Shauna don't put off your runs. Just get your togs on and do them. It doesn't take long and when done you'll be pleased with yourself. Have your rest days, do the warm ups and cool downs and week 9 will be here before you know it. Happy running ladies


Well done, I am at the same point as you, and 20 mins seemed scary, but I did it, lower calves and side of legs were starting to throb but did it and had a bacon sarnie!!! Have just read the advice about not getting too confident for week 6, so will bear that in mind. Keep going!!


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