How long a gap before you need to go back a stage?

I was about to do Wk6 Run3 on Tuesday, then I got an upset stomach so had to put it off. Then I had to travel back to the UK from the south of France and had a nightmare journey with the car breaking down 150k from the coast and really awful service from the insurance company. I got back yesterday (2 days to do the final few miles) and have now come down with something :( I'm really upset. I don't want to be out of action for so long that I have to repeat any of the stages, I have gone through the course without a hitch so far. I had a week's gap between week 5 & 6 and did the first 2 runs of week 6 without a hitch.

I can't even get upstairs at the moment with weak legs and my throat is swollen so I think I would collapse if I went out now. How long can I go without having to go back and repeat a stage or do I just launch into week 6 R3 when I feel better?

I'm 51 and 2 stone overweight, but, as I mentioned, I've not had any problems with the course so far.

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  • You're obviously really under the weather at the moment, so I would wait until you feel properly well before trying again as you will need all your strength for the longer runs. When you do get back to it, you may need to experiment a bit to see how you get on - perhaps take yourself out for a 10 minute trial run and see how you feel. I had a 12 day break between weeks 6 and 7 - I hadn't been ill but had been on a pretty exhausting holiday - and that didn't cause any problems. (I am 50.) I really hope you feel better soon - take it easy.

  • Thank you Hennith, I was starting to get depressed, I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm jogging for the first time in my life and was looking forward to doing the Run For Life in May. I feel encouraged by your answer.

  • I've never been a runner before either, and am also finding it surprisingly enjoyable. If I've learned one thing on this journey though it's to listen to my body and not be tempted to rush things. So recuperate well and enjoy having the Race for Life to aim for post graduation!

  • I came down with a tummy bug about 5 weeks ago and missed 2 runs (5 days). I went back a run or two and felt fine, so just picked up from there.

    In the grand scheme of things as long as you get out again, you will be getting off the couch and THAT is the most important thing.

  • Best to listen to your body and take it steady for a while, get well first though. Sometimes it's better to take a step back rather than push through and make matters worse, or risk injury. You have plenty of time to graduate before your race in May. Be kind to yourself. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for the sound and sensible advice everyone. I'm sitting with my coffee this morning tempted to go out and do the run, but I can't really breathe very well and my back is still seized from being forced to drive a car without steering onto the ferry. I will wait another day and that will have been a week since my last run, fingers crossed it will be as nice and sunny a morning as it is this morning.

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