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How long a gap before you need to start back at an earlier week?

I was half way through week 7, on wed i completed day two. However on Thursday while walking i hurt my heel making it feel very bruised. I decided to give my friday run a rest in case i aggravated the bruising, the tenderness was still there sat and sun. Today feels fine. I am going to pick it back up tomorrow.

Is there any physical reason why having such a gap might be problematic? should i restart week 7, or just complete it and start week 8 on thurs or fri?

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I'd aim for comleting w7 as planned and moving o to w8. Remember after the final w7 run if you feel you need to repeat the run /week you can. Good luck!


I thought as much, i just want to tell myself as my body and mind are begging for me to stop that there is no physical reason why i cant complete the run.


Complete 7 and go to 8. I restarted after a week off and a few other issues but it seemed so easy the second time around (W6) that I wished I had maybe just re-done w6r2 then back to 25 minutes. Finally finished W6 (again) today!


Over the last few weeks I have only been able to do 1 run a week, luckily my stamina and fitness has improved vastly during the C25K and I feel I have not lost any of my progress having a week long gap.

Hope you've recovered well,


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