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How long before you need new trainers?

I was thinking about this the other day "how many Kilometres or miles do a good pair of trainers last" and I did see some wise words from Miles_Yonder when he replied to Danzargo about Dan's knee problem. I checked my Garmin connect stats and I have run 576 Km or 358 miles if you prefer in the last two years which is how long I have had the Garmin. Now I bought my trainers, "Nike Structure 15" advised by sweatshop because I pronate can't remember if is under or over, part way through the C25K plan and I didn't get the Garmin until some time after I graduated to make sure I would stick with running, which I have and I love every minute of it. Plus there were a couple of occasions when I went for a run without the Garmin, I never used it when I ran on treadmills in hotel gyms whilst away on business and I only start and stop the Garmin when I start and stop running so I don't include the warm up/down walks in the stats. So the distance the have covered running and walking is greater than the Garmin connect stats. I run mostly on pavements, if there is grass along side the pavement I run on that and some of my runs include circuits around park grass but the majority is on hard surfaces. So they have covered a far old number of K's/miles. They look OK, the tread pattern looks OK although the heels do look depressed particularly on the right shoe, but can you go on appearances only. Is there a recommended total distance?

We all know good trainers are not cheap but without them we would all suffer more injuries I suspect. My birthday is coming up at Christmas time so good excuse to buy new ones and start earning some brownie points with my good wife so she understands that these things do wear out even if they do cost a lot of money.

So any thoughts on when trainers should be replaced?

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It depends on how heavy you are and how heavy you run and what conditions you run on, as well as the type of trainer. There is no real scientific answer as the trainer gradually degrades, rather than catastrophically fails.

The general 'unwritten' rules seem to vary depending upon who you ask, but most seem to be around 300-500 miles - which really isn't that far if you run regularly!

Given the sort of miles/k's you have done, I would consider getting a new pair about now(ish).

If they give you any trouble (ie pain or similar) then replace them as soon as that happens, but ideally beforehand!


I didn't copy your reply, just great minds


It's a bit embarrassing when that happens! I did it yesterday to Tomas as we posted pretty well exactly the same advice within minutes of each other (but I was in second place).



You got first place today! :)


I was wondering too this, I read a lot online it really depends for each person. Some websites say anything between 300-500 miles but then they say you can wear the out quicker than this. I found this helpful

Basically it depends on you and where you run. Sorry not helpful I know. I would say a new pair of trainers for Christmas/birthday is a great present and by the sounds of it your ready for a new pair.


358 miles over two years is on average a mile every two days or 5 km per week. That doesn't sound like a lot; so you're prob right that the actual distance is (quite a bit) more than what your Garmin tells you.

For whatever it's worth, I concur with Maysie1's and Vixchile's advice.


Place your shoes on an even surface (preferably on a table or higher than ground level) then look closely all around the bottom of the shoes.

If they look lopsided (eg the inside heel or outside heel is worn away and slanting) then you need a new pair.


When I bought my shoes at run 4 it they said around 500 miles but It does depend on your weight/ way of running/ terrain etc as the others have said. If you try to flex the shoe and it seems floppy then they need replaced. Folk in the shops might be able to advise (and while you were in you could look at the new shoes :-) ). Well done for continuing to run and getting to the stage of needing new shoes!


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