I am doing W6R3 on Sunday and I am really scared. I seriously don't know where I am going to find the extra 5 mins from. Please help!

I have done all the runs in the Plan but it was the last 2 mins of W5R3 where I was having trouble breathing. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest and I had really painful butterflies and felt panicky. I know I made it, but the extra 5 mins seems impossible....

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  • Hi Rockette That 5 mins is inside you just waiting for you to let it out My heavy breathing / tightness is still my biggest problem

    *First of all slow down a bit more - I know you are going to say you can't go any slower but trust me on this - you can Once you have finished prog you will be amazed how your time will improve

    *make a list in your head when you run - about anything Where you want to go on holiday , plans for that day, shopping list Basically anything to take your mind of breathing

    *count up to 100 and then backwards and keep repeating as you run ( I read that's what Paula Radcliffe does so good enough for her good enough for us c25kers !) I've only been doing this recently and really find it helps First 20 or so no really fast but then I manage to slow it down Sometimes well over 100 before I realise oops supposed to be counting backwards by now

    Lots of advice about timing breath with steps but when I tried it just made me more panicky So what I am saying is concentrate on anything but your breathing and you'll zap that extra 5 mins Good luck

  • Thanks for the help - you really seem to understand (the advise about breathing with steps freaks me out!) I will do the counting and go slower - again, as you say, if that is possible! Just knowing someone else feels that way about the breathing helps! Sorry!

  • Don't be sorry that what this forum is all about No matter how long we have been running we all have questions / doubts at some point It's quite interesting to dip into some peoples profiles and look at their past posts You'll find all sorts of advice/ stories which shows you are not alone We have all been there and all help each other It's an amazing community Let us know how your next run goes

  • I totally agree with everything Fitfor60 says. I am a big list maker!! You may also find it a good time to try a new route. Not only will you then not be tempted to think 'this is where I struggled last time' but it will give you something else to think about, look at, etc. Actually this is the run where everything started to click into place for me. I think my body had had enough of walk breaks by then and was glad of the chance to get into a proper rhythm. Let us know how you find it won't you?

  • Thanks for the suppprt!

  • Just out of interest, when you started week 1, did you find it hard to imagine running 5 minutes? Or 10 minutes? Just look back and remind yourself that all these impossible times are no longer impossible. Each week you are that bit healthier. Don't go into the run thinking its impossible, start off by thinking "I am way better now than last week". Tell yourself you can do it, don't rush it, and let us know how you get on. And do you know what, if for any reason you don't manage to finish it (which I doubt!) - well, so what! You can try it again next time. You will get past this run, and you will move on.

  • Yes I found all the above hard to imagine, and yes, you are right and yes I am convincing myself - I just wish it was Sunday at 12.30pm and I was sitting with my friend having a coffeee and eating a slice of cake having completed a 25 min run! I WILL DO IT!!!

  • I've just come in from that same run. I was worrying about it but actually found it easier than the ones with walking breaks this week. I started off with the aim of just keeping going til Laura said stop, experimented with how slow I could go, how small I could make my steps without actually stopping, and definitely didn't think about rhythm of breathing ( makes me suddenly unable to breathe at all!). It actually helped that there was no walk break to wait longingly for!

    I also watched the Davina Mcall Sport Relief programme last night which inspired an unfamiliar drive in me to push myself through any give-up-now thoughts.

    Good luck. You'll do it. :-) x

  • Thanks for the practical tips - I especialy like the idea about experimenting/small steps. It is such a relief to hear other people have the same problem with this breathing malarkey! x

  • I did that exact same run yesterday, and I was also completely convinced I didn't have the extra five minutes in me. But I did. And so can you! Just have sheer grit and determination. Stay calm, enjoy it, make lists, and most importantly (or I find, at least) just think about how good it will feel to have done it!! All the best of luck, I completely understand how you feel, but go get 'em!

  • Thanks BethRF! Grit, determination - OK!

  • It's strange that we breathe without thinking and yet on our runs we worry about it. I don't know, we are daft. You'll be fine on your run. Calm down and stop worrying. You want to enjoy it!

  • I can't offer any advice because I haven't got to week 6 yet (just about to start week 5) but I do wish you all the very best of luck with your run. Best wishes.

  • I DID IT!!! And what's more, after Laura told me I had run 12 and a half mins, I actually started enjoying it! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support - without that and my friend Susie's ( Week 4 and doing brilliantly after injury) tremendous input, I don't think I would have been able to do it. Strangely, it was a tip from Laura in Week 2 (I think) about imagining that you were running along a hedge and trying not to bounce that really stuck! It works! OK, so now to calm down and concentrate on Week 7 - gulp!

  • I too have just finished this run (Last Friday) A few weeks ago my breathing was a problem, and the more I worried the worse it got so I made the decision the slow it down, which worked and on Friday it was fine. I don't know where the extra 5 mins came from but they were there with something left in the tank. they will be there because of all the hard work leading up to this moment. Good luck.

  • Roll on Week 7 but I have to remember to keep calm, not panic, go slower than I normally would until I get used to the 25 mins and I think, for me, stick to the same route for now. Good luck with your Week 7 - see you at the other end!

  • I know exactly how u feel!!! I'm trying that run tomorrow so will see how it goes!!! I struggled at the 20 mins so have no idea how this is gonna happen. Focusing on how good it will feel when I finally do it!!!!

    Good luck x

  • Just go slow, don't get over-confident at any point (apart from the last 60!) - I went slower than normal which is quite tricky at my pace as I was so scared of the thng - and was gobsmacked when Laura told me how long I had been running! I really didn't think I had the extra five and it just happened without me realising. I really find keeping the head still and the "imagining running along a hedge" thing helpful. Good luck and let me know how it went x

  • Having completed w6r3, I am actually amazed!!! I never thought I'd get here and according to Laura, I'm officially a runner :D

    I have to say I didn't think it would happen today, the first 5 mins were a disaster, my legs were sore and heavy and I honestly thought I'd do 10 mins then stop. But when I was waiting for her to tell me when I got to 10 minute mark and she announced I was at 12.5 I was nicely surprised. by this point had actually managed to get into my stride and the pain was away!! By the time I got to 20 mins I was so determined I was gonna finish it that the last 5 mins were, dare I say it, easy??? For the first time since I started, I actually feel like the end is in sight and I may be able to call myself a runner!!!

    Good luck keeping it up in week 7!!!

  • First Week 7 run tomorrow - I have to remember all the fantastic advice and tips from last week and keep calm, go slow, do exactly what I did Week 6 Run 3 and pray that I feel as good as I did when I finished my last run!

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