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Week 2 bits and pieces


I've just signed up to this forum and, already, I'm finding the comments and fellow-feeling invaluable. Over the years, I've tried running and have felt acutely embarrassed at not being able to last for more than about 45 seconds (on a good day!). I thought there must be something seriously wrong with me, seeing all these other people run apparently effortlessly around me. Anyhow, I'm now pacing myself gently with C25K and it is extremely helpful to know that others are on a similar learning curve.

For the moment, I have just one question... Is it too early to buy a decent pair of running shoes? I'm wearing a pair of asics which I bought a while back for general gym purposes. They feel very long on me, and I'm wondering if a better fitting pair would make any difference at all. Should I wait until I see how I get on over the next few weeks, or do the deed now?


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Well done for starting the programme, and hopefully you'll soon see some progress. Welcome to the forum - we all love reading about how everyone is doing and you'll get plenty of encouragement here.

As for the shoes, my asics are a full size larger than I usually buy for shoes, so there is more room at the front than I'm used to, but it's kind of handy going downhill (I have some VERY steep hills to negotiate here). Usually people have a half size larger in running shoes than they normally wear. If it's purely because they feel a bit long, but your feet feel well supported and you haven't got any niggles with injuries then you might be ok. If you do decide to treat yourself, it's definitely worth going to a specialist running shop and getting your gait analysed. I'd like to think that a good store would tell you if your current pair are ok to keep using.


It's never too early to get proper shoes. Apart from anything else, I found paying out all that money definitely motivated me to get good use out of them! :D

Many thanks for the replies, they're very much appreciated. Point taken about the length of the shoes giving room to move going downhill. I'll call into Runners' World in town and see how they rate what I'm wearing at the moment (haven't darkened their door before now, so even going in is an accomplishment of sorts!). Mind you, the idea of a nice new pair as an incentive to keep going is also attractive! W2R3 tomorrow, so hope it doesn't all go pear-shaped.


I recently bought some Asics and they are also a full size larger than my shoes.

I'm at the same stage as you, just a day behind. Nice to meet you!

Good to meet you too, eosino. Thanks for your reply. It makes a great difference to make contact with other people following the same plan. I won't feel quite so lonely when I go out tomorrow! All the best for your week 2.


I did the first couple of weeks in old trainers but then I got running shoes after having gait analysis. I don't think it is ever too early to get proper shoes as it will help your running and reduce the risk of injury. Good luck with the programme. Best wishes.

Its never too early for proper shoes.

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