Couch to 5K

weeks 6&7

I completed week 6 a couple of times and have started week 7 again. I have completed them but wanted to do the runs on week 7 comfortably. I have been working on increasing my speed as well. Tonight managed 7.5km for 12 mins and will increase it again by at least a minute and maybe 2 on the next run on Wednesday. It's certainly getting to be a bit easier on the breathing and length of time it takes to recover.

Best bit so far I have lost 10lb and have dropped down to a new stone tonight which is awesome. I even managed to run up the stairs for work today with my equip bag without needing oxygen.

To anyone feeling a little overwhelmed, disheartened, you can do it, repeat where necessary and little by little things will improve.

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Sounds as though you know what works best for you. Well done so far, enjoy the rest of the programme. Best wishes.


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