Stuck at Week 7

Hi there, I've made it, ever so slowly, to Week 7, but seem now to be stuck. I've completed one 25 min run incredibly slowly but since then I've not been able to do it again. I know speed doesn't matter but I would love to be able to move a bit faster! On my last run I was overtaken by someone walking!

I'm thinking of going back to Wk5 to build up again. Any thoughts?


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  • There is no hurry - feel free to do whatever you feel that you need to do. Just remember that pace is not a consideration at this time - just running/jogging at any pace for 25 minutes is a WIN for you. I'll bet you never thought that you could run for 25 minutes, did you! - and how many of your close friends and relatives can?? :) Keep the chin up - you are getting there.

  • Thank you for the encouragement. I know you're right, I guess being overtaken by a walker knocked my confidence.

  • You are doing so well!

    Try to slow further, speed does not matter! As Bazza1234 says, if you feel you need to repeat a week then do so. Just keep getting out there, you can do it.

  • Thank you Jacs!

  • We tell all new C25kers from the start to go very slowly. It's one of those rare times when slow really is best, and what a relief that you really can take your time It matters not who passes you. They won't pass you in a bit 😊

  • Thank you so much!

  • You've done really well to get to W7, you've managed the 25 mins once so you definitely can do it. As you say speed doesn't matter, slow is good. Distance doesn't matter either, what matters is that you keep going to the end of the time. Even now that I've completed the programme and have done several more 30 mins runs I still start off slowly and finish even slower and I'm only just noticing that I'm running a bit further, so that just proves it will happen. You must do what's right for you but I'm sure you can finish week 7. Believe in yourself and go for I, you can do it!

  • Thank you so much Wizziewood! I'll give the 25 mins another go tomorrow morning!

  • I've got stuck on week 7 too.

  • I too have found week 7 a challenge, but as I am stubborn I am determined not to let it beat me. I went at a snail's pace for W7R2, but did find a little burst of energy at the end. Today I face Run 3 at Parkrun, where I regularly get passed by a pair of walkers. I used to feel embarrassed by the fact they always passed me, but now we smile and encourage each other and I realise no one is judging me, only myself. I feel a little apprehensive about whether I will succeed today, but if I don't I will just keep trying. As they say on here, slower and slower really does work. Good luck.

  • I'm on week 7 too. I'm not confident my pace will allow me to complete 5k within the time of week 9. But, not to be defeated I've rested from C25K for a little while to work on my pace. I just go out for a run on my own and I've bought a bike too. Don't feel downhearted about it, you're doing amazing. Just to get this far is an amazing achievement. Keep it up! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Ran 25 minutes today and felt ok! Thank you everyone for your encouragement, it has been a huge help :)

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