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I did it wk5 run3

Had been worrying about this one ever since I first read about it but I got up excited to give it a go. I love running first thing and this morning was perfect weather. I'd worked out a route that was mostly flat or downhill and figured if I ran away from home for 10 mins then turned round and headed back that would be about right! And it was indeed though the five minutes cool down walk was more like ten - the trouble with living on top of a hill! I'm so amazed I did it I've never liked running, hated it as a kid, much preferred dancing and cycling but at 48 I've had a personality transplant ;>)

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Well done. You've caught the running bug ! Enjoy. :)


Running does become a bit addictive. Anyway, this time round you are doing it for yourself and not because a teacher or someone else expected you to do it. Enjoy the rest of the programme. Best wishes.


Good for you HMM! I love poring over routes! It's my new distraction activity. LOL I used goodrunningguide, which is free and you can measure routes without registering. I have registered now mind you but there's no pressure. It's good as it measures the footpaths and country trails too

It's hilly where I live, and I keep running out of my way rather than tackle some of the hills. It means you finish further away from home and have to walk back, but it's all good excercise

Happy running


Congratulations - that is such a great run & an amazing milestone that you have achieved. Keep on running & let us know how W6 goes :)


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