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Week 5 run3 - I did it!!!!

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Despite my apprehension, and feeling a bit tight when I started the run, I did the 20 minutes, and felt I had something left in my legs. The outside of my thighs were starting to feel the strain, but otherwise I don't seem to have any ill effects. According to Google maps, it was 2.7Km. I found my local park run organisation yesterday, and I'm looking forward to being able to comfortably run the 5K and join in!

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See - it wasn't so bad, was it? Now the fun starts :)

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

I *am* enjoying it!

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Well Done. It feels great doesn't it (well after a short while it does) . I have week 6 run 3 tonight.

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to PrincessStef

I'm looking forward to moving on to week 6 too!

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You can join Park Run whenever you like, you don't need to be able to run all the way, lots of people walk or run/walk..that 20 min run is a good one though isn't it? I couldn't believe I did it!

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

It was fantastic! I'm impatient for my next run......

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you will feel sooo much better for doing it outside too! well done!

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Well done you must be so proud of yourself. I've got my week 5 run 3 later, hopefully I will do as well as you have.😊

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to lou-34

I had a huge grin on my face when Laura told me the 20 minutes were up!

Well done Steve, sounds like you can comfortably run more than half the parkrun distance already so you shouldn't have any problems when you decide to go. You could have a go at volunteering to check it out....

Yes! Brilliant. Running continuously for 20 minutes is a big tick for runners so you should be very proud.

Don't forget to stretch afterwards as that can keep the tightness away.

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