W4R1 struggle!

Hi I set out for my W4R1 today and it was tough. I had to walk for approx 30 secs halfway through the second set of 5 min. I completed it alright but felt a little disappointed at myself. Everything was going so well up to this. I will keep up the programme but am anxious about the next run. BTW I still got a real buzz on finishing I guess that's the main thing.

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  • Just slow down a bit right from the start, before any problems develop. I found that made a huge difference and helped me to succeed.

  • Please don't feel disappointed! Look back to a few weeks ago, did you think you would be running for 5 mins with just a short walk in? You will get there!

  • Well done on completing it. Find your own pace and carry on . You may have a similar experience to my Wk4 - I found runs 2 & 3 a little easier than the first one. It may have been due to 'mind over matter' in that I was expecting something really tough and so dealt with it better. Good luck :)

  • W4R1 was hard going for me also although I did manage it without having to walk during any of the run sequences. I'll be out again to do the second run some time today. I do go at a snail's pace though so maybe that's the answer. Good luck on your W4R2. Best wishes.

  • Glad to hear it is a challenge for everyone - will slow down a little i think and yes i am confident W4R2 and 3 will be easier . Mind over matter is a good point - expect the worst and hopefully i'll be surprised! Totally agree - would never have thought weeks ago i'd be running five minutes at all. Thanks everyone !

  • I also struggled to complete r1but r2 I actually really enjoyed which is unbelievable as I am still overweight and not very fit. I found it helpful to really concentrate on the breathing as Laura suggested. I imagined the oxygen getting to all my muscles and it really helped and before I knew it that was it done! Good luck with your next run and remember to keep it slow. You can build up speed later.

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