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W4R1...doom and gloomy

Afternoon all, completed my first run of w4 today. Ran the first 3 minutes surprisingly well, struggled with the pair of 5 minutes although I did complete them.

Main problem today was the legs not the breathing, I felt all stiff and achy before I’d even set off instead of half way round like normal they just hurt from the start. Also I felt a strange lack of motivation, can’t explain it, my running has progressed at a level I’m happy enough with , I’m never gonna be fast or graceful but I keep on going, it’s rather more a case of “couldn’t be arsed” which is worrying 4 weeks in...rest day tomorrow then hopefully I’ll be in a better mood for episode 2 on Thursday.

Onwards and upwards

Laters 👋🏻

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Know the feeling both physical and mental. :)

Try this - as slow as you are running, aim at running as SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE without actually breaking into a 'walking step'. :)

It will do a few things for you. It will be a bit of a 'novelty' and therefore shake things up a bit mentally. It will probably surprise you that it is so hard to actually do. It will also show you that your usual 'slow' is probably a lot 'faster' than you think :)

At the same time you will still be getting your Run in, and continuing to lay the foundation of stamina that is vital for future progress :)

Please don't worry about todays run - we all had them, and we still get them every now and then. We are humans, not machines :)

Wishing you every happy mile that awaits you in your future. :)


You are now out there 3 times every week. Having done this for a month now - especially in this cold, gloomy season - its no wonder you are finding it a bit of a slog. Your mojo will come back, I promise. It hits eventhe most dedicated form time-to-time

Discipline and determination are what you need - they are better than motivation anyway. Motivation is the fickle-est of beasts, and can't be relied on to keep you on track!


You're very harsh with yourself!! There's no way you can know at this stage if you'll ever run faster and surely it's very likely you'll run gracefully at some point when you feel more comfortable and can glide, not kick the ground: it's a matter of posture and technique, not of speed.

Now, about your legs, I would suggest that you get an extra rest day (or even 2). You're reaching longer runs and the length of running will soon be more than the amount of walking. Perhaps your body needs a bit more rest to recover and the tiredness can also account for your lack of motivation. Drink a lot (not bubbles, that's for graduation day!!), relax and do some gentle stretches on your rest days, and possibly slow down on your next run.

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Sounds like you're doing great. I had a "couldn't be bothered" moment in week 2 - yes, that soon - and it passed. For me enthusiasm and apathy both come and go - I try not to worry about the apathy or get carried away with the enthusiasm and just take the next step. Hope you have a lovely next run


Slow and steady.. warm up really well and stretch after each and very run... Pleas make sure you up your rest day exercise too.. non impact and plenty of strength and stamina work :)


Whatever you do , keep it up !


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