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120kg and W4R1 complete


Ok, so I struggled big time today. After 3 min of my 5 min I clock watched and died everything I had a 5 min. It was bloody hard. I got bored, focused on my breathing, did the old 1234 1234 1234 to set a pace but all the while I told myself, give up, you are too weak, this is agony, no energy but I carried on until the end. I am definately not looking forward to Fridays run. I had music on, have an audio book but can't concentrate.

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Your brilliant , it was hard but you finished , first few weeks I was obsessed with my breathing how I felt how much time was left but gradually you get passed it. Good luck x


Well done...now...just relax and slow down.. and then slow more... Just let the run take you... and if you are struggling, then pull back more.. and, before you say it..there is always slower:)


Hi! It sounds like you did absolutely brilliantly to keep going. You said you were telling yourself to give up, but here's a secret - that's not you, that's gremlins, and they can be defeated :) Getting through it when it feels tough is such an achievement so well done again. Good distraction techniques - if you're open to trying anything else I tried listening to comedy which does make you look a bit weird laughing to yourself while running but it worked for me :D

Oh - and as Oldfloss says - there's always slower, you are learning to run, so just doing the running motion is fine even if it's much slower than walking :)


Well done. It’s not easy, is it?

Pushing through is all about just keeping going and you did that. It takes courage to fight your mind and make yourself go on.

Enjoy your rest day and you should find run 2 slightly less challenging.


Everyone has demons. Don’t let them win! Maybe try some funky beats instead of an audio book 👌🏽


It was so hard for us all but believe in the programme because it really works if you take it slowly. Jo Whiley says you should keep repeating “I love running “ even though you might not feel it at the time. I found this helped me.

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