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Week 3 Run 3 - done and dusted

I got out there again today and did the third run of Week 3. Wasn't too bad, legs a bit achey towards the end but I completed it okay. I will almost definitely do another W3 run on Friday before deciding whether to repeat the entire week or push on to Week 4. I'll see how I feel later about that. At the moment I feel pretty good at having got this far. Happy running everyone.

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Yay! Well done - I felt the same, a little bit scared (OK more than a bit) to start week 4 so was thinking about doing another week 3 run, but then I thought, "what's the worst that could happen?" and decided to go for it, and I did W4R2 last night (not a bed of roses but definitely do-able). I say just go for it - you might surprise yourself. Whatever you decide, there's no harm in repeating a week if it makes you feel more confident. Good luck!


Well done! I've had that doubt too (and still do) but, so far, I've kept going forwards.

I've literally just finished Wk4 about an hour ago and just showered and sat down to start working and I'm still undecided whether to jump into Wk5 on Monday! I'm erring towards just keeping going and reconsidering if there are any issues.

Good work on completing Wk3 !


Many thanks for the support. Last time I pushed on without repeating a week I finished up so exhausted and ached all over for a couple of days. I reverted to the previous week and had a failed run - resulting in my not running at all for the next ten days or so. Hence why I am now erring on the side of caution. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Best wishes.


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