Shaved 26 mins off 7.12km run - AND it was (gently) uphill!

I live at the bottom of a very steep escarpment which has 2 roads, one terribly steep (1 in 4) the other more gradual but very long and not as high. I have always avoided it like the plague but I know that a bit of hill work will improve my fitness. Went out into glorious weather for running day today and decided to try Stamina on the gentler road. I ran the whole of the pod cast and then back down again to Speed. The whole distance was 7.12km in 65 minutes. 2 days ago I ran 7.19km in 91 minutes but that was a flat route along the valley floor. I think I have got myself a new route - it was very enjoyable in spite of the traffic fumes. Only 175m ascent but still an ascent! Feeling pretty good right now and looking forward to doing it again! Soon! :) :) :)

Edit: don't know why I am bragging about such slow speeds! Some of you people are awesome!


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15 Replies

  • Beek this is great. Stamina and then Speed! Get you. Next you'll be running with a rucksack full of bricks. Don't get me started on slownessness!

  • Thank you. I really enjoyed my run today. The biggest challenge is getting out of bed but once I've won that one the rest is easy!

    Maybe we are slow (don't know about you but I know I am!) but at least we are off the couch!

    I must point out that I only walk the slow sections of Speed!

  • Oh I thought you ran the whole of speed! I only tried it once I think and it's not for me. Then again I think I need someone pushing me or pulling me along. I must do some runs this week! I don't know how people run without any music, or instructions.

  • Hill runs rule! ;) Well done!!

  • Thank you. I'm looking forward now to doing it again. I used to avoid hills.

  • I would't call a 1 in 4 a gentle hill! It's a flippin mountain!!

    Congratulations and happy running.

  • No! I've got 2 roads. 1 goes straight up and the other one goes gently across the hillside - that's the one I ran up yesterday. I have to run about 200 metres of the 1in 4 hill at the start of my usual run and it is a killer!

    Happy running to you too. This weather is perfect for it!

  • We have a 1 in 3 by us, and I have yet to tackle it. Maybe I should bite the bullet and give it a go. Gulp!!

  • Maybe take it a little at a time and gradually extend your distance? I found today I have a lot more upper thigh aches than usual. It is very demanding doing hills!

    Good luck to you if you try! Should have said when!

  • That's brilliant, congratulations! And it gives me some hope for the future... I live on top of a hill, and is steep down on both sides :)

  • I find a pavement a hill!

  • Slow speeds?! Don't be silly, speed is relative to each individual - are you doing stupendously! Very impressed, well done :)

  • Thank you nextjenn. Yes we shouldn't chase other peoples stats - just gradually improve our own. I've decided one way to master the really tough steep hill is to do 100metres more of it each time I try, then run back down to the level path. I have to run about 200m of it to get to the undulating path anyway and I looked at it this morning and thought that's the way to do it! I am beginning to feel so much stronger now and really enjoy my running, which I certainly didn't when I started. [I remember Greenlegs (where has she gone?) telling me not many runners enjoy it at first - which helped me a huge lot! :) :) :) ]

  • Sounds like a fantastic strategy to me! You are doing amazingly well, its mad what we can do when we set our mind to it. I go through good and bad weeks, sometimes I love it, sometimes I just go through the motions. But then you hit a target and its like standing on top of the world! Keep going and let us know how you get on :)

  • Hi nextjenn, Today I have wussed out of running. I was lying in bed planning what cleaning I must do before guests tomorrow. I am having 4 friends for supper tomorrow and I haven't even decided what I shall give them, let alone shop for them.

    I am planning on doing most of the preparation today and then doing a Parkrun in the morning. My second - I completely blobbed on the first one because of eating 2 hours before when I normally run on empty. I'll not eat tomorrow.

    I know what you mean when you 'just go through the motions' some days. I think we are all the same with that. I used to worry that everyone seemed to be posting how much they loved running and missed it on rest days etc. I never had those feelings but now I do. Not exactly euphoria - just a calm satisfaction that I am doing the right thing for my body. And when I do my long run (10K) I do admit to feeling very chuffed that I can do it. :) :)

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