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First ever run!! Smashed it and proud :)


I downloaded the couch to 5k app and have done my first run today. I have never ran in my life, and always battled with my weight, I did the mums sports day race at my sons school a couple weeks ago and came last. I was very embarrassed and felt I was letting him down, so I decided to make some changes again and try to lose weight, and take on more exercise. Just so next year I don't come last on the race next sports day! So here i am having just done my first run, after jogging for a minute at a time and sweating like mad I feel very good and proud of myself for doing it .. I ran for 8 minutes.. I actually quite enjoyed it! Here's to a new hobby..... :)

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Fantastic!! The hardest part is over: Well done you!! 😃


Bravo! (But if *he* came last in a race would you think *he* was letting you down???? Someone has to come last!)

But investing in your long term health and well being in a family-friendly way, that's a great gift and role model for him.


Well done🏃🏿


Well done on getting out there and smashing it! Running for the first time is the hardest part so you should feel very proud! 👏


Aww thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to my next one on Monday! My legs are aching lol x


Amazing!!! Well done you 😁. Brilliant first step. Best of luck on your journey. My first day too and loved it. Have fun and keep going 👍🏼

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Well done on completing the first step. You'll be catching the running bug!


Well done. You've done the hardest part- getting out the door, so just stick with it. You might feel it's too early, but if there's a ParkRun near you, I'd recommend going along. It's a really friendly, inclusive event and you will definitely NOT be the last to cross the line (that's the tail runner's job). I'm still a loooong way off being able to run the full 5K without stopping so I do it with a mix of running and walking, but it's a great motivator and they're usually in nice locations too. Good luck with your running 🙂


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