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Part 3: Sports massage

Had a sports massage on my calves only. My last words to her were " I have a high threshold of pain! How wrong was I?!! OMG it was so painful that I left my mascara on the couch! I told the torturer (sorry, masseuse) that she really needed to give a general anaesthetic for this. My soleus muscle was seriously tight (get me. A year ago I had no idea what a soleus muscle was - type of Spanish shellfish?). Anyway, it's the big muscle BEHIND your calf muscle and notoriously difficult to stretch properly. My regular stretching and foam roller didn't hit the spot.

A tight soleus can cause all kinds of niggles in other areas of the body so I'm hoping that a few regular sports massage sessions will sort all my minor aches.

In the meantime I still can't run, but have to do lots of glute exercises and stretching and I have another sports massage booked next week. Might drink a bottle of gin before I go.

Soooo missing running but am being good and taking the experts' advice.

Run safely everyone.

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I thought you were going to say that after the massage you felt so well you'd be able to tackle a marathon. You can't run because of the massage? Could you run beforehand?


Miss wobble, this is an ongoing saga! No the sports massage hasn't caused me unable to run. I had a sore ankle and other little niggles that were getting worse so I saw a physio who said I had extremely tight calves and needed sports massaging! Hence the sports massage. I can't run due to the aches and pains as they need to heal first and hopefully a couple of sports massages will do the trick!


I had the same problem too: I left my first sports massage in floods of tears and unbelieving that I'd willingly forked over for an hour of self inflicted torture. I struggled to move the next day, but I kept walking and drinking water, so by the second day after the massage, I felt ready to run. The second session was a lot eaiser: I would say, make sure and drink plenty of water before and after the massage, as this helps flush out all the toxins from the muscles, and makes recovery after the massage a lot quicker. I'd also avoid eating anything heavy after the massage: have something light. A friend of mine had a sports massage before coming for a meal out and promptly threw up on the way home :-( I always feel exhausted after a sports massage so it's worth planning for an early night too. A warm bath and some pamper yourself time to help unwind.


I actually felt great the next day and no pain at all. But I'm following the advice from my physio who's told me not to run yet. But thanks for your advice. I can't believe anyone would voluntarily get a full body sports massage! It was bad enough on just my calves!


It wasn't a full body sports massage: just 60 minutes of pure torture for my calves, shins, hamstrings, quads, hips and lower back :-) The masseuse said he wouldn't have time to look at the rest of me :-) [more likely, I think he guessed I was about ready to either murder him or pass out from the pain!] Generally, what I've found/been told is that a sports mausseuse is really there to focus on problem areas (like calves, back), which is why most will offer 30/60/90 minute slots rather than just full body or just back massage, and that a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage is better for an 'allround' massage. I only see my sports masseuse once a month (It used to be weekly, then fortnightly) for a "top-up". The sessions have helped my flexibility and I'm able to stretch out a lot better by myself now. It's definately worth sticking with going.


I had a sports massage a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to help repair a long standing calf injury.

I swore more during that hour than the combined number of times I have sworn in my entire life I think! Talk about painful!

So I feel your.....errrm......pain :-)


Sounds like we are all 'fessing up to paying good money for someone to inflict un-imaginable pain on us. Yep, been there, declined the T-shirt, and it hurt. Does work though.

Hope you are better soon.


Now I have to say you are the only person I know who has ever said before a massage "I have a high pain threshold"!! What were you thinking, my statement would be " Be gentle with me, I might break (down and cry) ;) Hope it helps get you back out there soon.


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