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Starting again..again..again !

I discovered c25k almost two years ago, managed to get to wk 7 then new job in childcare and subsequent onslaught of germs and illness (for 9 months I had illness every month!) I put paid to running - would start again only to get two weeks in and be ill again. Well finally immune system has got used to it and so hence title of this post ! Week 2r2 tomorrow and can't wait - it's easier this time round..ditched Laura for run double and my own tunes. .the running shoes I bought have finally bedded in and I am looking forward to the challenge. Have a cold at the moment but that wont stop me this time. So just saying "hi I'm back on the road to 5k (again, again) :-D

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Good luck with getting back into it. I've also started and restarted a couple of times. You'll get there. Best wishes.


Thanks fitmo..I cant wait to be at the long run stage again :-D


Welcome back. I have done this before. I got up to 8 miles and had some trouble with my knee. Turns out I did it years before in a motorcycle accident and didn't know. It's a dodgy cartilage and muscles around my knee. My knee can just move! Getting better at managing it. and I'm on W6 R2 tomorrow!

Be careful running when your ill. Make sure your at least 90%



Thanks - put off the run tonight as still feeling bit crappy and dont want to overdo it..luckily this is the standard three day cold..spent sunday in bed resting. Work today was ok so tomorrow all should be fine :-D


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