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argh!! technology... awesome run tho :D

So went out for a 40minute run (using the bridge to 10k podcasts) nearly done the first 10 minute run, ipod flies out of pocket, grab it and keep goin, do the minute walk, start running again, ipod flies out of pocket, headphones come out, all unattaches and flies across the pavement. Grab it all set off again... accidentally start podcast again, keep running tryin to find my place, nearly there then forward it to the end. Give up and crack on with my own music timing myself for the minute walks. Eventually get to the last 5mins and really push it. Felt aware i'd worked hard but not like i was going to die or anything. A word of inspiration to you all starting out... it does get a lot better and easier if you just keep going........ And once you get the bug, your off. Can't wait till parkrun tomorrow, determined for a pb :)

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That's happened to me too! Infuriating isn't it. Good luck with your parkrun!


I use an mp3 and it has dodgy controls. Several times I've squeezed it accidentally and it has stopped. With the mp3 you can't go back to where you were; you either start again completely or give up on it. Now I run with it in a little bum bag and this has worked much better. So frustrating and easy to give up when that happens :)


When technology fails you, revert back to basics: I always use a marker for the previous run, It could be a tree, a bench or gate etc. I put my music on then run to marker and then increase a little. That way I always know despite the app going off etc that i ran further than my last run. Good luck


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