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Flippin technology

Well today started well, baby b3an woke up at 5:30 so out I went for week 7 run 3.

Set the GPS off and my stop watch and the podcast. Walked 5 minute warm up, then just about to launch into the run and my MP3 has a wobble, while running manage to get it going. I was going to try a different today but as the MP3 player was not behaving I decided to keep to a tried and tested route. So it was very misty this morning so I went and got lost! I knew vaguely the direction and ended up eventually where I wanted to be.

i began a climb andLaura announced I was 5 minutes into the run. Yes that's right friends, I had been running for less then 5 minutes and I managed to get lost - oh the shame.

So i ran on for another minute or so, and the MP3 stopped again. Now last time I was able to get it started from where it stopped, but not this time. Oh no Laura was backe welcoming me to week 7 and telling me I needed to the other 6 weeks.

Soi I scrolled through until Laura said finve minutes and so I probably inadverted ly gained another minute or so. So my 25 minutes turned into about 26 minutes!

The rest of the run was a bit uneventful, apart from the fact that I was a minute faster to all my markers.

So the upshot of my MP3 playing up is I ran for an extra minute or so, so I can run 26 minutes easy with a final sprint as well, so bring on week 8!

I am running my race on Saturday, and I think I am ready to rock and roll. I am running for the British Heart Foundation as I recently lost my uncle to heart disease and my dad is a member of the zipper club. So things don't look great for my future, which is why I am running and doing as much as I can because I don't want to miss out on the baby b3ans.

Soi if you have been enjoying the blogs, how about giving a couple of pennies to a good cause - oh what a self promotionist I am.

Thank you.

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More than happy to donate, I frequently do to BHF. I'll see to that this evening when I get home. My mum had a heart attack at 49, now 58, her brother also had one a couple of years ago, still with us. One of the reasons I'm running is because the doctor advised my resting blood pressure too high and I need to sort my fitness out ( and stop the smoking)


The blood pressure will drop with you continuing the running and it will drop through the floor when you stop the smokes. Also running smoke free will certainly be a lot easier. As you won't have to stop every 10 minutes to light up ;)


You think you're funny mr B3an lol :)


Oh I am a very funny man. Thank you for your sponsorship.


Damn technology :( I shall indeed sponsor you , All the best!


Thanks Pat for your generous donation. The under fire part is kind of worrying. My boss just said that when I first described it, the run sounded a bit like a hilly fun run. Now he's seen the site he realises the challange. He's asked me who I would like to leave my desk and site boots to ooer!


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