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W8 R6 Back in the Game - I hope :)

Thank you all sooooo much for your support last week when I posted to say I was finding W8 tough.

With one thing and another, I think I'd become blase about my training. I'd slipped from running every other day to leaving 3 or sometimes 4 days between runs. Then I went out and my ipod died so I had no podcast and no music (just the sound of my own ragged breathing, not the best soundtrack).

This month I have decided to get back on track, and to run every second day. I've redone W8, properly this time, and did my W8R6 on Wednesday. So much better, so much easier than my previous attempts, and even got a couple of zoney moments thrown in. I found I was able to think "Oh, I might detour round that street and then through the back way" rather than "Ugh, ugh, tired, am I finished yet".

Only worry is that I am getting a bit of pain and stiffness in one ankle - not while I am running but afterwards. Think it may have more to do with the stilletoes I wear for work than my running, but am a bit anxious. I'm going on Saturday to get a new pair of trainers - proper running shoes this time and will get gait analysis and some advice about the ankle.

W9R1 tonight and the end is in sight - woohoo! Thanks again everyone for the support.

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Well done for getting out there and good luck with Wk9R1! I did it yesterday and survived, so I'm sure you'll be fine too :) Amazed you got so far without music - that would be a real deal breaker for me, so doubly well done! Wk 9 isnt much over W8, so with all that practice I reckon you'll ace it!

What have you tried to improve the ankle? are you resting and icing it properly which may help? Any specific stretches you can do?

Game on for week 9!


Sounds to me like you are doing really well, you are nearly there. Look forward to seeing your graduation badge soon x


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