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Week 7 Run 2. Had to stop after 23 minutes, calf muscles pounding !!

Bit disappointed but still confident I can do this. I have already ran constantly for 25 minutes twice before but today it was much tougher this morning?? Not sure if it's down to my new shoes (following a gait analysis) or not but my calfs and shins were really burning during today's run. I'm still not stretching before the run and am just following the 5 minute warm up walk with Laura in my ears. Any tips for trying to prevent Calf / Shin burn ahead of my next run?? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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There are linkls for a few exercises for shins that have been posted previusly. Its worth doing a search. One that I've found good is standing on a step and lifting and dropping my heels - then with toes pointing in, and with toes pointing out - hurts though!

Some runs do just seem to be tougher - somethimes fo rno obvious reason... at least it means the next one will probably be a bit easier!

Good luck!


If I get leg ache on my run I do three or four butt kicks to get the circulation going. It seems to work for me


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